UCUM Preschool is the best program around! My children learned to love school from this program. They leave UCUMP with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in Kindergarten. The “family” of this preschool staff is awesome!

Terry Katsuda – Parent

The teachers at my children’s elementary school were thrilled to see that my son and daughter had attended UCUM Preschool. They said they could relax and know that these children love school, love learning and are prepared for Kindergarten.

Janet Brehm – Parent

I am a three year olds teacher at UCUM Preschool. What an amazing job I have! The environment at this preschool is 100% joyful, with everyone interested in every child and every parent. Children get to be children! They move along at the rate they were intended, and the learning that happens is amazing! I have been here many years and I will not leave until I retire.

Wendy Edris – Teacher

I was introduced to UCUMP as a parent. I knew the minute I visited this school that this was THE school for my children. When the opportunity to be a teacher became available, I jumped at the chance!  Now I cannot imagine working anywhere else. I feel privileged to work in such a warm, caring, professional environment. We have the opportunity to teach to each individual child’s needs because of small classes and the philosophy of the school.

Deanna Mendez – Teacher

We knew picking the right preschool for our daughters was extremely important. It sets the stage for a child’s view of school & education for the rest of their lives, and we’re very happy to say that our daughters just love their school days!

Christina Swientek – Parent

As an educator and mother it was important to find a preschool that is not only accredited but has experienced yet joyful teachers. UCUM Preschool is an extraordinary school! Classrooms are huge, cheerful and inviting with abundant materials and interesting centers. Most importantly, our daughter loved preschool. We made life-long friends with the families  and could not have asked for a better preschool experience. With gratitude for preparing our daughter in spirit, mind and body for a great year in kindergarten!

Cathryn Bigley – Parent