Programs & Activities


We would like to invite you to volunteer at the Preschool.  We need help in all areas.  For example, we frequently need things sewn or built for us.  The teachers always have plenty of cutting with which they appreciate help.  We also invite you to volunteer to help in the classrooms.  If you have a talent you would like to share, please tell us!  Volunteers are greatly appreciated.

Parents Of Little Ones (P.O.L.O.)

Parents of Little Ones is a volunteer organization made up of our preschool parents and KDO (Kids’ Day Out) parents.  This organization is dedicated to bringing these parents together to serve the needs of our children and of our school.  In order to meet those needs, support from P.O.L.O. will involve some volunteering by parents for special projects, such as maintaining the playground equipment and the school grounds, gardening in your child’s classroom garden plot, or some simple constructions.  Additionally, we will hold fundraisers throughout the year to raise needed money for educational equipment in the classrooms, teacher conferences, and whatever other needs the Preschool and KDO may have at the time.  Finally, P.O.L.O. has a vested interest in supporting each other with monthly fun gatherings and social events where new friendships can develop and parenting ideas can be shared.
So how can you become a member?  You are already a member just by being a parent of a little one enrolled in the Preschool or KDO.  We would like you to become a participating member whenever possible.  We rely greatly upon parent participation and welcome any assistance you, the parent, can provide.  This group can be as exciting as you make it.

Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch is an extra preschool session available on an occasional or permanent basis to all children enrolled in preschool.  Lunch Bunch will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons from 11:55 until 3:15, and on Fridays from 9:00 until 12:20.  Each child should bring a lunch and a drink. The cost is $30.00 (or $90 monthly) per session.  Enrollment is limited to 12 children per session. Sign up early; spaces go quickly!
Lunch Bunch may be used to give your child an extra day at preschool or a longer day. Lunch Bunch teachers have bachelors degrees in early childhood education. This is not an extended care program, but rather an enriched class.

Music & Movement

The children attend a special Music and Movement class every week with a specialized teacher.  This is in addition to daily exercise and music in the classroom.  They will have opportunities to experience music in a varieties of ways. The children will participate in movement activities.  The teachers will work with the children on coordination, large muscle development, awareness of physical fitness and having fun while learning what their bodies can do.  The children also exercise daily on the playground.

School Photos

Individual photographs of each child will be taken in the fall and spring.  See the preschool calendar for specific dates.  These reasonably priced packets will be available for purchase. Group (class) photographs will be taken in the spring.

Photo Books

You will notice lots of picture-taking around our preschool and on the field trips!  Throughout the year each teacher collects hundreds of photos which are then sorted and organized. The end result is a gift to your child of a photo book, a photo album or a DVD as a memory of the year.  Each teacher makes her class photo gifts during her own time, in her own way.


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