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Registration & Supply Fees:

A registration fee of $100.00 is due upon application and is non-refundable. Supply fees are due in September and January.


Tuition is paid in nine equal monthly payments.

Tuition may be raised with thirty days notice. Tuition is due and payable the first school day of the month and will be considered late after the 10th of the month. Checks should be made out to U.C.U.M. Preschool. If payment is not received by the end of the month and arrangements have not been made with the director, the child will withdrawn from the program. Tuition will be charged only for the first half of the month if the child is to be withdrawn before the 15th of the month, and if two weeks notice is given. To reserve a space for a child during a lengthy absence (such as TDY’s), tuition payments must be continued. Tuition for Lunch Bunch follows the same policies. If your child is not present, but signed up, payment is still due. If tuition remains unpaid after 60 days, and no payment arrangement has been made with the director, legal action will be taken. The family will then also be responsible for 6% interest and attorney fees and court costs. Tuition for the second child from the same family will be reduced 10% per month. A late charge of $10.00 will be due for all payments received after the 10th of the month. A charge of $25.00 is due for each returned check.


Children entering the three year old class must be three by September 1. Children entering the four year old class must be four by September 1. All children must be potty trained.

Classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis. We do not practice discrimination. Waiting lists are compiled as requests demand. The staff works hard to fulfill personal needs, but we do not recommend moving a child from one class to another after school has started.

Hours of Operation:

All morning classes meet from 9:00 to 11:45 AM. Afternoon classes meet from 12:30 to 3:15 PM. Full day classes and Lunch Bunch meet from 9 to 3:15 PM. If you arrive early, please  wait with your child in the Gathering Place.  The teachers want to greet each and every child each day.  The children will be called to the classroom door one at a time.  The classroom doors will be opened five minutes prior to the classes’ start time.  For dismissal, the families will be called one at a time to pick up their child, not earlier than five minutes before class ends.

Morning and afternoon care is available if needed. Breakfast Buddies takes place from 7:30 – 9:00 AM.  The children will be taken to their morning classes at 9:00 AM.    Extended Care is offered in the afternoons until 4:00 PM.  Drops-ins are welcome in both programs as long as the director has cleared it in advance.

Each child will be released only to the parents or a person designated by the parent. If a person unfamiliar to the staff comes to pick up your child, we are required by law to ask for identification and to check our records to verify your permission. Names of carpool drivers and relatives must be listed in the child’s records in the office.  If there will be a change for the day, please call the preschool office.  The director may request an email if someone will be picking up your child who is not on the list of authorized pick ups.

Late Pick Up:

We know things happen and that sometimes being late simply can’t be helped.  We provide a generous grace period because we understand that this area is notorious for base traffic and for long, slow trains.  You are not considered late until 10 minutes after dismissal time.  At that point, the charge is $10.  There is an additional dollar charged for every minute thereafter.  A grace period is not offered for Extended Care, and the late fee is $1/minute beginning at 4:01.  Thank you for being understanding of our time needed for preparing the classrooms for the next school day.

Classroom Visits & Conferences:

Parent conferences are planned twice a year but are scheduled throughout the year as needed. Special problems or occurrences affecting the child will be brought to the attention of the parents. Any changes in the family, such as the birth of a baby, a parent out of town, marriage termination, or a death, should be communicated to the teacher and shall be dealt with professionally and confidentially.

Teachers are very busy as school is dismissing, and so they cannot speak with you at these times; however, if you need to speak with your child’s teacher she will be happy to do so once all the children have been dismissed. We will also be glad to make an appointment with you. Please feel free to call the teacher at home when it is necessary.


Our holidays are listed in our Handbook which is given out at Parent Orientation. We do not follow the schedule of any specific school district. Our schedule reflects what works best for our program. In addition to these holidays, there will be two teacher workdays that will be announced at a later time.

School Closing Due to Weather:

Tune into WOAI-TV Channel Four if you suspect school will be closed. If the schools in our school district, Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD, are closed, then the preschool will be closed also. This includes closing for epidemic illness.


The children have a low-sugar, nutritious snack and water each day. We ask that each child take a turn every 11th or 12th class period bringing the snack for the whole class. A menu for the month will be sent home with each child. The menu will tell what to bring and when it is your child’s day to be the snack helper. All snacks must be prepackaged from a store. The health department prohibits us from allowing snacks prepared at home. A snack bag will be sent home with your child the day before he will be the snack helper. If you are unable to bring the snack on your child’s “day,” please call the office. We will keep extra snacks in the kitchen.


When your child’s birthday comes, you will be able to bring a birthday treat. ”Birthday treat” will be included on the snack menu when it comes home and you may choose what to bring. NO CUPCAKES, PLEASE. The children love to bring them, but no one enjoys eating them. Muffins are fine and the children like them. We do encourage you to follow our low sugar policy when selecting the birthday treat. Birthday treats must be prepackaged or come from a licensed bakery or facility. They are subject to the same guidelines as our daily snacks (see above). In order to keep our birthday celebrations as equal as possible for all the children, we ask that balloons and favors be reserved for “home” parties. If your child wishes to pass out invitations for his home party, please be sure all children in the class are invited. Otherwise, please deliver the invitations outside of school.

Personal Belongings:

Please mark clothing with pen or labels. A Lost and Found is kept in the office until the last day of school. After that date unclaimed items are donated to the next annual preschool garage sale.

All children should bring a change of clothing, including underwear, to be left at school. Remember to switch clothing when the seasons change!


Some of our classrooms have animals.  If an animal were to become dangerous, the animal would be immediately removed from the preschool. Animals provide practice in responsibility for taking care of a pet, as well as giving us the opportunity to learn about their habits and unique things they do. Our preschool has fish, gerbils, hamsters, and hermit crabs at this time.


Discipline at our preschool is a positive way of teaching children how to manage their own behavior. We want to help children develop the ability to express their wants and needs appropriately by giving them a variety of tools. We want them to learn to express their emotions. We want to help them solve problems by making choices. We will redirect the children to areas of play where they can be successful. We also establish some rules and teach children the process for following those rules, while keeping rules reasonable. We have no punitive punishment. We have no time out which can be humiliating to a child in a group situation. We have found that our discipline policy works very well in developing children who see the real abilities they have, their self worth as well as the value and abilities of others. They understand what we do and why we do it.

Endorsement of Products or Services:

It is our policy not to endorse or promote any product or service through our preschool. This policy was established to be fair to all individuals, and to serve as a protection for our parents. We ask that our roster be used only for personal use and not to solicit any product or service.


A medical examination form provided by the school must be filled out, signed by a licensed physician and returned before the first day of school. A copy of the immunization record must be presented at that time. Each child must meet applicable immunization requirements specified by the Texas Department of Health Immunization Requirements in Texas Elementary and Secondary Schools and Institutions of Higher Education. All children who are four years old by September 1 must have their hearing and vision screened and the results reported to the preschool. Documentation of TB testing is no longer a requirement in this area (

Precautions will be taken at all times to safeguard the health of the group. The school will notify the parents if there is a possibility of exposure to a communicable disease. Please help us to do this by letting us know immediately when an illness has been diagnosed. It is sometimes necessary to send a child home if he becomes ill at school. Please be sure we know where you are during school hours.


We ask that you not bring your child to school if you suspect he/she might be ill. Children should be kept home during the infectious period of a cold and any time there is a fever present. Children who awake with matted eyes must also be kept home. A child must be symptom free of illness for 24 hours before returning to preschool. This includes a child who has a fever, an upset stomach, impetigo, hand and foot disease, fifth disease, chicken pox, strep throat, conjunctivitis (pink eye) or any other communicable disease must stay home for the health of the other children. Many children will “beg” their parents to bring them to preschool, but please remember the best interest of the rest of the children. PLEASE CALL US IF YOUR CHILD WILL BE ABSENT. This will help you and the preschool always know that your child is where he/she is supposed to be.

If your child becomes ill at preschool, we will call you to come pick him up. Please be sure we know where you will be and how to reach you. If we cannot reach you, we will call your emergency contact person. If we cannot reach that person (or persons) to pick up your child, and your child appears to be very ill, we will call 911.

How You Can Help…

  • Send your child to school in clothes he can manage himself and that are suitable for play.
  • Reassure your child that a stain on his clothes in not a problem.
  • Contact your child’s teacher whenever a question arises.
  • Attend all parent meetings.
  • Pick up your child on time.
  • Pay tuition on time.
  • Keep a seasonal change of clothes in your child’s classroom.
  • Read messages boards outside classrooms.
  • Keep children under control before and after school.
  • DO NOT leave unattended children in your vehicle, even for a few moments.
  • Always deliver your child directly to his teacher. Do not drop him off or send him to his classroom without an adult.
  • Volunteer!


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