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Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your interest! The mission of our school is to give every child experiences that lead to a love of learning, a feeling of self worth, a respect for all people, a love of God and an opportunity to explore, create and discover as he learns about his world. We are very privileged to be one of few pre-schools in the area to be “NAEYC” accredited. We look forward to the opportunity to teach your child and welcome your family into one of the best preschool’s in the area. Please explore the website to learn more about our school.

UCUM Preschool & Church Staff

Marcee Krkosa
– Director
Marcee Krkosa (“Ms. K”) is the current director at UCUMP and has been in the education world for over 20 years. She holds a master’s degree in education from Old Dominion University, a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, a Montessori certificate, and a teaching license for the state of Texas. Her passions are Jesus, children and families, traveling, and writing. Her first book was published in 2014. Ms. K resides in Schertz and is the mother of 4 children and 1 grandson.

Pre-K staff

Brenda Aniol
– Teacher
Mrs. Aniol is beginning her sixth year as the PreK Four Day Afternoon class lead teacher. Mrs. Aniol graduated from Wayland Baptist University. Her son, Anthony, attended PreK at UCUMP.

Lori Guyott
– Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Guyott has been a teaching assistant at UCUM Preschool since 2001. She has a bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University. Mrs. Guyott is married and has two sons, both of whom attended our preschool. Mrs. Guyott is the teaching assistant in the Gift of Time Class

Nancy Light
– Office Assistant
Mrs. Light joined our program in 1997. She has two sons. Mrs. Light is the office assistant, computer assistant and a Jack of All Trades! She is also the teaching assistant with Four Day Afternoon class.

Deanna Mendez
– Pre-K Teacher
Mrs. Mendez has been at UCUM Preschool since 2004. Her two children both attended the preschool. Mrs. Mendez has an early childhood/elementary teaching degree from Texas State University. She is currently the lead teacher for the Three Day Morning Class and all the Lunch Bunch classes!

Juli Mussi
– Teaching Assistant
This is Mrs. Mussi’s ninth year at our preschool. She is married and has two children, both of whom were UCUM preschoolers. Mrs. Mussi has a teaching degree from Central Oklahoma University. Mrs. Mussi will be assisting Mrs. Mendez.

Cynthia Runyen
– Gift of Time Teacher
Mrs. Runyen has been at UCUM Preschool since 1982. She has been the lead teacher for both three year old classes and PreK classes. Mrs. Runyen has helped shape UCUM Preschool and has been largely responsible for the accreditation and many reaccreditations of our preschool by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. She has four children (two are UCUM alumni) and two grandchildren. Mrs. Runyen is currently the lead teacher for the Gift of Time Class.

Three Year Old Classes

Sharon Abercrombie
– Teaching Assistant
This is Mrs. Abercrombie’s seventh year as the teaching assistant in the Three year old Enrichment Plus class. She is the assistant in all the three year old classes. Mrs. Abercrombie is retired from teaching public school. Her children and grandchildren have attended UCUMP.

Irene Eckhart
– Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Eckhart is our Tuesday/Thursday teaching assistant for the half day three year old classes. Mrs. Eckhart is married and has two children, both attending our preschool at this time.

Jennifer Feutz
– Teacher

Mrs. Feutz is the lead teacher for the Wed./Fir. Enrichment Plus Class for three year olds. She is married with three children, two of whom attended UCUM Preschool

Karen Press
– Teacher

Mrs. Press is teaching both of the Tuesday/Thursday three year old classes. She is married and has three grown children who also are UCUMP alumni.


Becky Painter: Mrs. Painter joins us for her fourth year as our Chapel Minister. She is a Sunday School teacher at UCUM Church, a director and teacher of Fiesta Bible Camp and an active participant in the Border Ministry between Piedras Negras, Mexico and UCUM Church, supporting orphanages and churches.

Music & Movement

Beverly Muenchow: Mrs. Muenchow continues as our Music and Movement teacher, but has recently assumed the role of teacher in the Breakfast Buddies class. Mrs. Muenchow has three sons and five grandchildren.

Preschool Board
Marcee Krkosa – Preschool Director
Della Foley – KDO Director
Linda Faulkner – Chairperson
Amy Russo – POLO President
Darlene Durham
Dodie Skladal
Corre Tucco
Linda Baumheckel Senior Pastor
Corre Tucco Director of Children’s Programs
Maria Gayton Nursery Coordinator
David Friedli Maintenance
Karen Rawls Church Secretary
Vivian Wagoner Financial Secretary



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